Archived Agenda

Richland County Council
Development & Services Committee

Buddy Meetze

Susan Brill

Bernice Scott, Chair

Greg Pearce

Thelma Tillis

District 1

District 9

District 10

District 6

District 3

Tuesday, July 19, 2000, 5:00 p.m.
Richland County Council Chambers
County Administration Building
2020 Hampton Street

Call To Order

Approval of Minutes - June 27, 2000: Regular Session Meeting - (Pages 2-7)

Adoption of Agenda

Items for Action

A. Ordinance Amendment: Noise - (Pages 8-9).

B. Ordinance Amendment: Parking in Residential Zones - (Pages 10-11).

C. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Storm Drainage Ordinance - (Pages 12-14).

D. Amendment to the Richland County Code: Billboard Ordinance - (Pages 15-18).
- Due to the impending expiration of the billboard moratorium, these revisions, recommended by the Planning Commission, are provided for the Committee's review. It is recommended that this item be sent to the next Council meeting with no recommendation, until the Planning Commission reviews these revisions for final approval.

Items Pending Analysis

A. Citizen Complaints about Genesis Cable Company

B. Impact of the Closing of City of Columbia Landfill
- This will be continued as a "pending" item until negotiations with the City are brought back to Council.

Items for Information / Discussion

A. Status Report on the County Master Sewer Plan - to be given by Andy Metts

B. Status of the Morris amendment regarding manufactured housing


Staffed by Ash Miller