Richland County Council
Development & Services Committee

Buddy Meetze

Susan Brill

Bernice Scott, Chair

Greg Pearce

Thelma Tillis

District 1

District 9

District 10

District 6

District 3

Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 5:00 p.m.

Report of Actions

Call to Order– Bernice Scott, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the September 25, 2001 Regular Session Meeting were approved as submitted.

Adoption of Agenda – The agenda was amended to add one item. Discussion of Solid Waste Contracts was added as item for information/discussion (C) to be taken up in executive session. The agenda was adopted as amended.

1. Items for Action

    1. Lease Agreement: Columbia Owens / STARBASE – the Committee recommended first reading approval of lease agreement with STARBASE to place a temporary portable classroom building on the Columbia Owens Downtown Airport property.

    2. Ordinance: Closing of Valhalla Drive to Through Truck Traffic – the Committee recommended first reading approval of an ordinance closing Valhalla Drive to through truck traffic.

    3. Ordinance: Closing of Summit Parkway to Through Truck Traffic – the Committee recommended first reading approval of an ordinance closing Summit Parkway to through truck traffic.

    4. Award of Contract: Phase II, Haskell Heights Sanitary Sewer Project – the Committee recommended approval of the award of contract to B&B Construction Co. for Phase II of the Haskell Heights sewer project.

2. Items Pending Analysis

    1. Report on Engineering Contractsno report was given
3. Items for Information / Discussion
    1. Animal Control Ordinance (Spay/Neuter Policy) / Animal Shelter Agreement with City of Columbia – Mr. Milton Pope, Assistant County Administrator, reported that representatives from the City of Columbia and Richland County had met and that the City would be providing the County with a draft agreement.

    2. Solid Waste Contracts (Executive Session) – The Committee went into executive session to receive a report from the County Administrator on the status of the County’s solid waste collection contracts. Upon returning to open session, the Committee forwarded the item to full Council without recommendation.


Staffed by Ash Miller