Archived Agenda

Richland County Council
Administration and Finance Committee

Kit Smith, Chair Joan Brady Paul Livingston Anthony G. Mizzell James Tuten
District 5 District 8 District 4 District 11 District 2

Tuesday, February 5, 2004

(Immediately Following D&S Committee at 5:00 p.m.)

Richland County Council Chambers

County Administration Building

2020 Hampton Street

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

December 16, 2003: Regular Session Meeting – (Pages 2 –3).

Adoption of Agenda

Items for Action

A. CASA: Grant and New FTE – (Pages 4 –5)
B. Neighborhood Planner Position – (Pages 6 – 10)
C. Solicitation Request: Angels of God – (Pages 11 – 15)
D. Animal Care: Budget Amendment – This will be faxed to Council prior to the Committee meeting.

Items Pending Analysis

There are no items in this section.

Items for Discussion / Information

There are no items in this section.


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