Archived Agenda

Richland County Council
Administration and Finance Committee

Joseph McEachern, Chair
Paul Livingston
Anthony G. Mizzell
Stephen F. Morris
James Tuten
District 7
District 4
District 11
District 8
District 2

Tuesday, October 24, 2000, 6:00 PM
Richland County Council Chambers
County Administration Building
2020 Hampton Street

Call To Order

Approval of Minutes - September 26, 2000: Regular Session Meeting - (Pages 3-6).

October 3, 2000: Special Called Meeting - (Page 7).

Adoption of Agenda

Awards and Recognition

A. Resolution: Baseball Team Recognition - (Page 8).

Items for Action

B. Planning, Business License: Detective Agency Application - (Pages 9-11).

C. IT: Software Maintenance and Support Contract Renewal - (Page 12-13).

D. IT: Addendum to GIS Data Contract - (Pages 14-15).

E. County Council: Elected Officials Pay Plan - (Pages 16-19).

F. Detention Center: Resolution to Rename Detention Center - (Pages 20-21).

G. Detention Center: Expansion - (Pages 22-23).

H. Detention Center: Purchase of Two Vehicles - (Pages 24-25).

I. Risk Management: Workers' Comp. Deductible Option - (Page 26-29).

J. Magistrates: Part-time Magistrates' Official Hours/County Benefits - (Pages 30-31).

Items Pending Analysis

There are no items pending analysis.

Items for Discussion / Information

K. Columbia City Jazz Company - (Pages 32-33).


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