Archived Agenda

Richland County Council
Administration and Finance Committee

Joseph McEachern, Chair
Paul Livingston
Anthony G. Mizzell
Stephen F. Morris
James Tuten
District 7
District 4
District 11
District 8
District 2

Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 6:00 PM

Richland County Council Chambers

County Administration Building

2020 Hampton Street

Call To Order

Approval of Minutes - June 27, 2000: Regular Session Meeting - (Pages 2-5).

Adoption of Agenda

Items for Action

A. Finance: Budget Amendment to Increase Mini Bottle Revenue - (Pages 6-7)

B. Register of Deeds: Renewal of Software Service Maintenance Agreement - (Pages 8-9).

C. Sheriff's Dept: Ordinance Amendment Regarding Vehicle Towing, Storing - (Pages 10-13).

D. EMS: Grant Award - (Pages 14-15).

E. Grants: JEDA Grant Conduit for Southerly's, LLC - (Pages 16-17).

F. Procurement: Contract Renewals - (Pages 18-19).

G. Detention Center: Diamond Pharmacy Services Contract- (Pages 20-21).

Items Pending Analysis
There are no items pending analysis.

Items for Discussion / Information
Employee Health Insurance Coverage - (Pages 22-23).

Staffed by Pam Davis