Richland County Council

Administration and Finance Committee

Joseph McEachern, Chair

Paul Livingston

Anthony G. Mizzell

Stephen F. Morris

James Tuten

District 7

District 4

District 11

District 8

District 2

Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 6:00 p.m.

Report of Actions

Call to Order - Joseph McEachern, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:05.

Approval Of Minutes - The minutes of the June 27, 2000 Regular Session Meeting were approved as submitted.

Adoption of Agenda - The agenda was adopted.

Items for Action

A. Finance: Budget Amendment to Increase Mini Bottle Revenue - The Committee recommended that Council give first reading approval to this budget amendment in the amount of $149,022.00 for the purpose of providing funds to the Lexington/Richland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (LRDAC).

B. Register of Deeds: Renewal of Software Service Maintenance Agreement - The Committee recommended that Council approve the software service maintenance agreement with Team Information Advantage, Inc. in the amount of $46,284.00 for the Register of Deed's document imaging computer system.

C. Sheriff's Dept: Ordinance Amendment Regarding Vehicle Towing, Storing - The Committee deferred this item until the recommended rates can be compared with other Counties in the state and with "open market" towing and storing services. The Committee also recommended that the dollar amounts be removed from the ordinance to be instead set by County Council.

D. EMS: Grant Award - The Committee recommended that Council accept this award in the amount of $120,000.00 with a match requirement of $14,000.00 for the purposes of expanding or improving County EMS services.

E. Grants: JEDA Grant Conduit for Southerly's, LLC - The Committee recommended that Council approve Richland County to serve as the conduit for the JEDA (SC Jobs Economic Development Authority) grant in the amount of $550,000.00 to Southerly's, LLC for purchase of land, machinery, and equipment.

F. Procurement: Contract Renewals - The Committee recommended that Council approve the renewal of the contracts for miscellaneous and professional services during the current fiscal year.

G. Detention Center: Diamond Pharmacy Services Contract - The Committee forwarded this item, in the amount of $150,000, to the Council with no recommendation.

Items Pending Analysis

There were no items pending analysis.

Items for Discussion / Information

The Employee Health Insurance Coverage report was received as information.

Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 6:20.

Staffed by Pam Davis